Handcrafted versus Handmade…an honest opinion!


I was speaking to a professional spray finisher/carpenter the other day and I mentioned the dovetailing jigs and equipment that we use to produce our boxes and his reply was food for thought!  .... yes a brilliant piece of kit, was his reply.  He explained that when he was an apprentice carpenter, dovetail joints [...]

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All about me…


Hi, I’m Julie, I am the Owner of The Medal Box Company. I have a passion for creating bespoke personalised boxes making each box special and unique.  Each customers order often comes with its own story, that’s why I spend time ensuring a design proof is completed before I begin work engraving the boxes, [...]

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Officially Licensed


The Medal Box Company is officially licensed by the Ministry of Defence to reproduce Regimental Insignia This ensures the best quality images on our products. Our company has traded since 2013 and recently re-branded to The Medal Box Company. The backbone of the business has been built on excellent customer service, most orders come to us [...]

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